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"I came out, YOU can too!"

Yung Liar Sizzle (5min edit)

WE ARE: an organization dedicated to bringing truth to the world. We honestly want everyone to open up that closet and step on out.  You know who you are!


•Join us and our founder Yung Liar for a special outting next week at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Some of the largest Fabricators and Fibbers on the planet will be in attendance. Politicians, teachers, businessmen, Athletes, Entertainers and Government officials all get in for free.

Yung Liar PSA & BET Cypher

Yung Liar GGN/Snoop Interview

(5 min edit)

Ca$h & Lie$ Music Video

Yung Liar ft. Snoop

Yung Liar Deck

Me & Big Snoop
Yung Liar and these other niggas
Yung Liar and this dude name Em
Yung and Big Snoop
Plies and Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
That new Louis Stewart Bag
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Lambo with $50k riding Shotgun
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar and one of my Side Pieces
Yung Liar
© 2016 Yung Liar • Ca$h & Lie$ 
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Cash & Lies Album Cover
Yung Liar Influencers
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Cash & Lies - SidePiece
Cash & Lies - Uno & KO
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Cash & Lies - Wall of fame
Cash & Lies - Synopsis
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