"I came out, YOU can too!"

Yung Liar Sizzle (5min edit)

WE ARE: an organization dedicated to bringing truth to the world. We honestly want everyone to open up that closet and step on out.  You know who you are!


•Join us and our founder Yung Liar for a special outting next week at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Some of the largest Fabricators and Fibbers on the planet will be in attendance. Politicians, teachers, businessmen, Athletes, Entertainers and Government officials all get in for free.

Yung Liar PSA & BET Cypher

Yung Liar GGN/Snoop Interview

(5 min edit)

Ca$h & Lie$ Music Video

Yung Liar ft. Snoop

Yung Liar Deck

Me & Big Snoop
Yung Liar and these other niggas
Yung Liar and this dude name Em
Yung and Big Snoop
Plies and Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
That new Louis Stewart Bag
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Lambo with $50k riding Shotgun
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
Yung Liar and one of my Side Pieces
Yung Liar
Yung Liar
I do not own a Lamborghini or a Helicopter and all this money in the duffle is fake.
Fake Rapper/Fake Jewelry
All these rappers are wearing this fake ass jewelry and renting cars to keep up with the Joneses.
Yung Liar, Sidechick and a copter.
Not my chick, my copter or my money
Fake Jewelry and cash
This Jewelry isn't worth $10. It'll turn your neck green and you'll go to jail if you try to spend that money.
Bill Clinton
This Nicca said he didn't have sexual relations with Monica Slobinsky.
She reported his ass to www.iBeLyin2.com and now he's living in his truth
Trinidad James
This dude is the definition of LIAR. Talking bout "All Gold Everything". Don't believe me just watch me...". Nicca, was straight lying.
Alex Rodriguez
This NY Yanker was pulling our chains about whether or not he did steroids or any other PED's. We knew his 2300 homers was some bullshit.
He finally told the truth about lyin and now his burden has been lifted. HE'S FREE.
Nikki Baby aka Lynn Kardashian
This chicken head is fake from head to toe (wit her fine ass). All I know is she's the love of my life cuz we have so much in common. We both be lyin our asses off.
2- Chainz is always lying. His name is usually a lie cuz he be wearing more than 2 chains. And whoever told him his gear was fly was lying too.
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